Explore RVi3braking System setups and accessories in New Zealand

Our primary offering is the RVi3 Brake System, explicitly built for safe and effective flat towing. It's easy to set up and ensures your towing experience is smooth and secure.

Browse our range of advanced RVibrake Systems, ideal for flat towing. We know how crucial reliable braking is, so our products are designed to exceed your expectations while keeping you safe on the road. They're compact and easy to use, improving your towing experiences.

We also offer premium RV accessories like the Soft Shell Roadie Case to protect and store your equipment. You can choose the RVi Brake Controller System without the Command Centre or with the Command Centre – both are designed to meet your towing needs.

At RVi New Zealand, We’re more than just a supplier – we're your trusted online partners for better towing capabilities. With innovation and quality as our foundation, we're the go-to place for RVi braking solutions that improve your road trips.