Want to know more about our products or looking for the best braking system for flat towing? Read our FAQs below

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Does the RViBrake3 have good reviews?

Yes! We're proud of the positive feedback we've received for the RViBrake3 System. Motorhome owners across New Zealand appreciate its compact design, ease of use, and impressive braking performance.

What's the best braking system for flat towing?

Choosing the right braking system is vital for safety and peace of mind while flat towing. Our RVi Braking System with the Command Centre is the optimal choice. Its innovative design ensures efficient braking without compromising the integrity of your RV and towed vehicle.

How does the RVibrake perform with a Suzuki Jimny?

The RVibrake system is compatible with many vehicles, including the Suzuki Jimny. Its versatility ensures that your towing experience is smooth and secure, regardless of the vehicle you're towing. To explore its compatibility further, check out our product details.

What's the advantage of the Tyre Patrol Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

Our Tyre Patrol system is a game-changer in RV safety. It offers real-time tire pressure monitoring through the Command Centre tablet and hub, providing essential data to prevent blowouts and maintain optimal tire conditions during your travels.

Is the RVi3 braking system available in New Zealand?

Yes, the RVi3 braking system is available for RV owners in New Zealand. This cutting-edge system builds upon the success of its predecessors and offers enhanced safety and performance features for your towing needs.

How does the RVi Brake System work for motorhome A-frame towing?

The RVi Brake System is excellent for motorhome A-frame towing. It provides consistent and effective braking for the towed vehicle, ensuring smoother and safer travel. Its innovative design ensures easy installation and operation, making your towing experience hassle-free.

How do I order Tire Patrol TPMS in New Zealand?

Placing an order for our caravan tire pressure monitoring systems is easy. Simply visit our online catalogue store, where you can explore our product range and add the desired items to your cart. Our secure checkout process ensures a smooth transaction, and we'll have your products on their way to you in no time.

Can you explain the benefits of the Command Centre tablet and hub?

Certainly! The RVibrake With Command Centre tablet and hub are at the core of our product line. With a comprehensive suite of apps, including Travel Checklist and RV Level, it offers expanded functionalities beyond tire pressure monitoring. This system is adaptable, user-friendly, and designed to make your journeys more enjoyable and secure.

Do you offer installation services for the RVi Brake System and accessories?

Yes, we do! We have partnered with Pro Bars, a trusted and independent installation service provider, to offer you a complete solution. Pro Bars can handle the installation of your A-frame, front mount, wiring, and RVi Brake System.