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Tyre Pressure Monitoring system for a-frame towed vehicle

Tyre Pressure Monitoring system for a-frame towed vehicle

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Experience the ultimate in towing safety with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for A-frame towed vehicles. Regular tyre maintenance is essential, especially for motorhomes or RVs with A-frame towing systems. Blowouts or low tyre pressure can pose significant risks on the road. That's why we've introduced the Tyre Patrol tyre pressure monitoring system, designed specifically for a-frame towed vehicles. – ensuring your RV adventures remain safe and enjoyable. 

RVi’s are incredible because of their flexibility and ingenuity. However, because of their size and weight, they can be a liability. A blowout or low tire can be a real harm on the road. This is why we created Tyre Patrol tyre pressure monitoring system to keep the fun and safety in RVing and flat towing. You haven’t seen a TPMS like this.

The Tyre Patrol tyre pressure monitoring system works with the Command Centre tablet and hub. This system is the epicentre of the RVi product line. One monitor with unlimited product expansion and built-in Travel Checklist, RV Level and

Support apps. You are going to love Command Centre!


All Pressures, One Screen

The Command Centre tablet is your dedicated device for monitoring your Tyre Patrol system. Should you have an emergency like a flat tyre, you’ll be warned immediately in a way that a personal device could not if you were on a call or using another app.

  • Choosing the correct settings unique to your setup
  • Monitoring the tyre pressures in real-time
  • Alerts you of a flat tyre, low tire, or high temperature



Weight: 8grams per sensor
Dimensions: 2.5cm x 2.5cm
PSI Accuracy: Within 1.5 PSI
Setup Time: 3 minutes
Battery: Single use not rechargeable (see warranty note below)
Vehicles Monitored: Up to 14 tyres on two vehicles at a time
Warranty: 1 year if battery runs out before warranty up, part replaceable under warranty (excluding shipping)

Contact us today to discuss your exact needs or learn more about any of our RVibrake and Tire Patrol products for sale.

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